Architecture and urban design are team sports; collaboration is inherent.

Many talents have contributed to the projects shown on this site. Several are former associates who built upon their tenure with Daniel Solomon to form distinguished practices of their own. These include Anne Fougeron, Owen Kennerly, Thai Nguyen, Gary Strang, and Paulett Taggart.

The maturation of the work from the early 1990s to the present is built upon the long-term contributions of three exceptional colleagues: Anne Torney, John Ellis and Malcolm Harris. Each performs a key role in day-to-day work, and each has helped to shape the ideas and techniques that give the current Mithun/Solomon practice its distinctive profile.

Over almost twenty-five years, Anne has mastered navigation through the complex universe of process that translates our client's aspirations into beautiful places.

John is essential to the urban design component of the practice. An encyclopedic knowledge of urbanism flows from his memory and imagination through his gifted fingers.

Malcolm is a master of exquisitely refined nuts and bolts, insuring that realities live up to dreams.